Korean Service Medal

Korean Service Medal reverse



1. Description: On a Bronze medal, 1 inches in diameter, a Koreangateway, encircled by the inscription "KOREAN SERVICE". On the reverse is theKorean symbol taken from the center of the Korean National flag with the inscription"UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" and a spray of oak and laurel encircling the design.

2. Ribbon: The ribbon is 1 3/8 inches wide and consisting of the followingstripes: 1/32 inch White 67101; 19/32 inch Bluebird 67117; center 1/8 inch White; 19/32inch Bluebird; and 1/32 inch White.

3. Criteria: The Korean Service Medal was awarded for service between 27June 1950 and 27 July 1954 under and of the following conditions:

        a. Within the territorial limits of Korea inwaters immediately adjacent thereto: or

        b. With a unit under the operational controlof the Commander-in-Chief, Far East, other than those units within the territorial limitsof Korea, which has been designated by the Commander-in-Chief, Far East, as havingdirectly supported the military efforts in Korea; or

        c. Was furnished an individual certificateby the Commander-in-Chief, Far East, testifying to material contribution made in directsupport of the military efforts in Korea.

4. Components: The following are authorized components and related items:

        a. Medal (regular size):MIL-DTL-3943/223. NSN 8455-00-269-5771 for set which includes regular size medal andribbon bar.

        b. Medal (miniature):MIL-DTL-3946/223. Available commercially.

        c. Ribbon: MIL-DTL-11589/78.NSN 8455-00-264-1478.

        d. Streamers for unitsreceiving campaign credit - manual requisition in accordance with AR 840-10. Theinscription will be as shown on the unit's lineage and honors.

5. Background: a. The Korean Service Medal was established by President Trumanper Executive Order 10179, dated 8 November 1950, and announced in DA Bulletin 21, 1950.The design, created by Mr. Thomas J. Jones, uses the symbols associated with Korea toreflect service in that Country.

        b. There were ten campaigns designated forthe Korean War and displayed as streamers on the Army flag. The campaign streamers are ofthe same design as the suspension ribbon for the metal. A bronze star is worn on theribbon to indicate individual participation for each campaign. The inscriptions on theArmy flag streamers are:

        c. Order of precedence and wear policy forservice medals awarded to Army personnel is contained in AR 670-1. Policy for awards,approving authority and supply of medals is contained in AR 600-8-22. Policy for displayof campaign streamers on guidons/flags and supply of streamers is contained in Chapter 9,AR 840-10.

Information courtesy of U.S. Army Institute of Heraldry